Relatable God (Book)


Encounter a story in this captivating book that resonates with your personal experiences, whether it’s grappling with forgiveness, dealing with rejection, or feeling utterly ignored. As you immerse yourself in these relatable tales, you’ll be drawn closer to God, realizing that He truly understands you more than you realize!


Discover how our human experiences of pain, disappointment, and brokenness can forge a deeper connection with the heart of God in this insightful and inspiring book. Relatable God by Donna Robinson reveals that God understands us and our struggles more than we ever realize, offering a fresh perspective on our relationship with the divine.

Have we been treating God in ways that we wouldn’t want to be treated ourselves?

How do we embrace and share the love God gives us?

Through a collection of humorous yet thought-provoking short stories, Relatable God presents eye-opening illustrations of how we interact with God, challenging us to reevaluate our relationship with Him. This book will inspire you to draw even closer to God, fostering a more profound and meaningful connection with the One who truly understands and loves us.

  • Fictional, loosely based on true-life events
  • Paperback, 187 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-578-79920-9 / ISBN-10: 978-0-578-79919-3
  • Published © 2020 by SheEO Publishing
  • Signed by Donna Robinson

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Endorsed by actress Angela Robinson from Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots”

“Relatable God gives answers through the stories of people who are in need of a real and powerful Savior. This book is perfectly named because the stories are indeed relatable. If you are searching and in need of answers, in these pages you may see how, even with great intentions and huge desires, we may still manage to push God away. The One we love most, the One we cry out to, the One we say we trust—sometimes we don’t recognize or accept when He’s right there in our midst. This is us. Relatable God acts as a mirror so that we can see ourselves in all of our brokenness. If we can finally see ourselves fully, we might just see, welcome, and embrace the One who has never left us and who has always seen us.”

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