Real. Relatable. God.

God can relate to whatever you're going through. Like you, He wants to be known, understood, and loved. The stories in Relatable God remind us that God "gets it."

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Behind the Pages

Learn more about the journey of a devoted storyteller.

Endorsed by actress Angela Robinson

from Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots”

Unveiling Our Brokenness and Embracing the Savior. Relatable God gives answers through the stories of people who are in need of a real and powerful Savior. This book is perfectly named because the stories are indeed relatable. If you are searching and in need of answers, in these pages you may see how, even with great intentions and huge desires, we may still manage to push God away. The One we love most, the One we cry out to, the One we say we trust—sometimes we don’t recognize or accept when He’s right there in our midst. This is us. Relatable God acts as a mirror so that we can see ourselves in all of our brokenness. If we can finally see ourselves fully, we might just see, welcome, and embrace the One who has never left us and who has always seen us.

Endorsed by Jennifer Camp

Co-Founder of Gather Ministries

Transform Your Life with God. Donna Robinson understands the power of relating to a good story. And the stories in Relatable God draw us into real-life situations with God, providing a guidebook packed with wisdom and encouragement for life. Read this book and be reminded of God’s love and presence in you through all of life’s challenges.

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